Heavy Duty Vehicle Weight Limits

Now that winter is waning, the Lion Mountain roads are susceptible to frequent (almost daily) freezing and thawing.  This freezing and thawing weakens the roadways to the point where the weight of heavy vehicles can cause permanent damage.

For this reason, we have posted a sign at the entrance to the community that sets forth the weight limits for all heavy duty (construction) vehicles.  These are the same limits imposed by the county for all of their roads.  Specifically, single axle trucks will have a 7 ton load limit, tandem axle trucks are limited to 14 tons, and the limit per inch of tire width is 350 pounds.  

Additionally, a permanent sign has been posted at the bottom of the very steep hill on Four Wheel Drive.  This was done to 1) encourage all tractor trailers and dump trucks to use Lion Mountain Drive only to travel to their job sites, and 2) to limit heavy traffic on the steep Four Wheel Drive hill which can be very hazardous at any time of years. 

As a homeowner, you can help protect our roads and make them safer by making sure that any contractors or other providers you are working with are aware of the weight limits and are using Lion Mountain Drive rather than Four Wheel Drive. 

Many thanks for your attention to this matter.

Ward Foster, Chair

LMOA Roads Committee